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CEloader is a command line tool dedicated to Windows Embedded Compact (CE) image file download (NK.BIN) via eboot.

An image file named NK.BIN must be placed in the same folder as the celoader.exe file.

After the download, CEloader will wait for a CERDISP packet in order to display the IP address of the target. To quit this phase press <CTRL-C>


{syntax: celoader [imagefile-name] [target-id]}

celoader NK70.bin
celoader NK70.bin VDX1600

All arguments are optional, launched with no argument, CEloader will download the local NK.bin file to the first EBOOT issuing a BOOTME packet.

Launched with a first argument containing an image file name (i.e. NK733X.bin), CELoader will open and download the given file.

Launched with a second argument containing the target description string (i.e. CEPC1234), CELoader will filter the BOOTME packet to download only to the designated target.

When have a collection of image files or use several hardware targets, you may use the arguments to build shortcuts or .BAT commande files

Source code

To adapt CEloader to your needs (loop, filtering, etc.) just modify the unique source file celoader.c

Create a C/C++ Win32 project in console mode, you must add the winsock library (ws2_32.lib) to the linker's additionnal libraries.

Have fun!

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